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Efficient rotary film evaporator
Our product GXZ high-efficiency rotary film evaporator is a new type high efficiency evaporator that makes film by rotary conveyer, then evaporate falling film under vacuum condition. It has the features of great heat transfer coefficient, high efficient evaporation, short time heating, flexible operation. Especially it is suitable for the evaporation of heat sensitive and high viscosity raw material. So it is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other relevant industries.
working principle: 
The material liquid enters the evaporator from the feed port, and is evenly distributed by the rotating cloth ring on the heating surface of the inner cylinder wall, and is coated by a scraper into a thin and uniform film, and forced to form a turbulent flow, move downwards, and absorb the clamp The incoming heat is quickly evaporated and concentrated. The concentrated liquid enters the receiver directly from the discharge port, and the secondary steam passes upward through the separator to remove the entrained mist and foam, and then is discharged from the secondary steam outlet.
main feature: 
1. Very small pressure loss. In the high-efficiency rotary thin film evaporator, the material "flow" and the secondary steam "flow" are two independent "channels": the material is a falling film along the inner wall of the evaporator cylinder (forced to form a film) And down; and the secondary steam evaporated from the evaporation surface leaves the evaporator almost unimpeded from the space in the center of the cylinder, so the pressure loss (or resistance drop) is extremely small.
2. Operation under true vacuum conditions can be realized. Because the resistance of the secondary steam from the evaporation surface to the heat exchanger is very small, the evaporation surface of the entire evaporation cylinder inner wall can be maintained at a high vacuum degree (up to -750mmHg) , Almost equal to the vacuum degree of the real system outlet.
3. High heat transfer coefficient, high evaporation intensity, lower boiling point of materials, increase the temperature difference of the heating medium; turbulent liquid film, reduce thermal resistance; at the same time, inhibit the coking and scaling of materials on the wall, and also increase Therefore, the total heat transfer coefficient of the high-efficiency rotary film evaporator can be as high as 7000J/(, and its evaporation intensity is very high, usually 100-150Kg of solvent can be evaporated per square hour per hour.
4. Low-temperature evaporation Because the evaporation cylinder can maintain a high degree of vacuum, the boiling point of the processed material is greatly reduced, so it is especially suitable for low-temperature evaporation of heat-sensitive materials.
5. The heating time is short, and the flow time of the material in the evaporator is very short, about 10 seconds. For the commonly used movable scraper, the end surface of the scraping material has a diversion groove (see the right picture). The bevel angle is usually 45°. Changing the bevel angle can change the heating time of the material. The material is scraping. Under the scraping of the plate, it descends spirally and leaves the evaporation section. Shortening the heating time can effectively prevent the decomposition, polymerization and oxidation of the product during the evaporation process.
6. Low-grade steam can be used. Steam is a commonly used heating medium. As the boiling point of the material is reduced, the temperature of the heating medium can be reduced under the condition of ensuring the same heat transfer temperature difference. The use of low-grade steam is beneficial to energy Comprehensive utilization.
7. The inner wall of the evaporation section cylinder is precisely processed, and the surface is not easy to coke and scale.
8. Strong adaptability, convenient operation, and unique structural design, so that the product can handle some high-viscosity, heat-sensitive materials that are not easy to handle with conventional evaporators. The rotary film evaporator has large operating flexibility, stable operation process, small maintenance workload and convenient maintenance.
After installation, the equipment shell is reliably grounded to eliminate potential static electricity safety hazards.


Notice: The data in the table is for reference only, we supply the customized products with provided detailed technical parameter by customers.

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