Concentration equipment
Tube falling film evaporator
Our product Multi-tubular falling film evaporator has the features of very capable evaporating with unit area, economical costs, small area occupation, widely usage and suitable for large process units, etc. It been widely used to concentrate dilute solution in the filed of pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Especially, this equipment is best for processing the heat sensitive raw materials and foaming materials and the high vacuumed situation. The equipment contact parts with materials were made by stainless steel, so it is corrosion resistant, durable and compliance with the clean requirements.
Work Principle:
The liquid raw materials solution is charged into the distributor of device which distributes the liquid evenly into every heating tube and make the liquid film falling down along the inside of tube, then the liquid film will be evaporate vaporization by the heat from tube wall outside. When heat transfer temperature difference is not too much, the evaporation happens not in the surface of inside tube wall, but on the surface of strongly disturbance film, so it is not scaled easily. the steam usually falling down with liquid film. Because of the big surface of vaporization, there is little liquid in steam. To prevent scaled, it is requested that all the heating surface should be evenly wet, and the distributor should be functional and not easily be blocked.
This kind of evaporator can resolve the problem of effective heat transfer temperature difference loss caused by static pressure, and the pressure reduce is very little, so it can be effectively transfer heat on the condition of small temperature difference. It also be used in multi-effective evaporation system.
We can supply product customization according to your process and design the product.

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