Concentration equipment
Single and double effect energy saving external circulation vacuum concentrator


The concentrator is suitable for Traditioral Chinese Medicine,Western Medicine,Gucose,Starch,Peroral Liquid,Foodstuff,Chemical Industry concentrate solutions,especially for some heat-sensitive raw material. <br />

1.Marked energy-saving benefit:estimating according type WZII 1000,compared with WZ1000 single-efficiency concentrator:about 3,500 tonnes vapor,90,000 tonnes water and 80,000 kw.h power can be saved per year. <br />
2.Evaporating rapidly,great concentrating ratio with joining outer heating nature circulation and vacuum evaporation process together.Non-foam concentrated in sealed tank,the concentrate dliquid is no polution and strong drug taste.Easy to clean(just opening heater cover). <br />
3.Two-efficiency evaporating at the same time,secondary vapor can be used fully,energy-saving as well as boiler cost saving.Energy consumption can reduce 50% contrast with single-efficiency concentrator. <br />
4.Made by high quality stainless steel according to GMP standard.Heater and evaporator all covered by insulation,with polished SS plate on outer skinto make whole equipment elegant and beautiful.

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