Drying equipment
Hermetically sealed hemispherical valve
The semi-ball valve is designed to meet the special requirements of vacuum drying of the pharmaceutical industry products. It fully meets the actual use requirements of GMP sanitary ball valves. Its vacuum resistance, pressure resistance, stable sealing performance, long service life, convenient maintenance, and different options Materials and sealing materials are suitable for products with various densities of crystal particles and powders. In this field, he has absorbed the world’s advanced technology and manufacturing process. The valve body is manufactured according to precise tolerance standards, and the standard inflatable The sealed "airbag device" has no friction and no foreign matter, meeting the quality requirements of pharmaceutical product processing.
Features of hemispherical valve
⊙Stable performance and long service life
⊙Excellent vacuum, pressure and airtight performance
⊙No dead angle, easy to clean design
⊙Comply with GMP standard and can be cleaned online
⊙All-pass discharge design, unimpeded discharge
⊙Modular design, blowback function
⊙Different sealing materials can be used

Standard technical parameters:
Specification: DN300mm
Seat material: (316L) (304L) (Hc22)
Operating pressure: -1-6bar
Static sealing material: a PTFE polytetrafluoroethylene, PE polyethylene
Inflatable rubber: EPD rubber, FKM fluorine rubber, FFKM perfluoroether rubber (chemical properties are similar to PTFE)

Process application characteristics:
⊙Vacuum dryer feed and discharge valve
⊙Vacuum valve
⊙Mixer feed and discharge valve
⊙Centrifuge discharge valve
⊙Reaction tank feed and discharge valve

Main characteristics related to physical processes:
⊙Widely applicable to various densities
⊙ Loose material or free fluid, solvent
⊙Crystal and granular materials
⊙Soft/hard particles
⊙Wide particle diameter spectrum
⊙Paste, paste and creamy products

Application market:
⊙Fine chemicals

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