Multi function equipment
Multifunctional filter dryer
Multi-functional filtering dryer can fully instead the filtering and drying machine (For example, drawing & filtering facilities, pressing & filtering facilities, two awl drying facilities, drying box ). So it can finish the full procedure for filtering, washing and drying. And it is wildly used in pharmaceutical, chemical engineering, pesticide, food, etc. The machine can supply the full closed and continuous operation and also can be adopted to the procedure of sensitive, expensive, environment polluted, corrosion, poisonous etc, and the procedure of crystallization-filtering-paste-cleaning.
Filtering stage:
Filter cake in the incompressible condition, the filtration rate increase as the pressure increases; the filter cake in the compressed condition, the filtration rate is decreased as the pressure increase. In most cases, the filter cake thickness is in 200~350mm.

Washing stage:
The best washing process is decided by experiments. Usually there are two kinds of technology:
1. Replacement cleaning. Customers use relatively less cleaning fluid to obtain high purity products.
2. Second times of solution cleaning. The use of more cleaning fluid, through a number of the same steps, can get the product with high purity.

Drying stage:
The blender goes downwards to scrubs filter cake loose. During the filter cake becoming loose by blender, the side of wall, filter plate bottom and moving blender leaf will heat the cake together. The humidity will vapor fast. The inner vacuum design can promote the vaporizing speed. And the medium such as heated nitrogen gas can also take out the vaporizing humidity for better drying.

Main material:
S30408 or S31603
Sealing rubber loop material: FI Rubber, silicon rubber, FEP coated rubber
Ripple tube material: S31603
Sealing type:Two-end mechanical sealing + ripple tube material
Blending axle: The Blender is special S type for best stirring and drying effect. The inner hollow part is designed for material heating through medium, which can improve the drying effect by 50%.

Chassis structure:
Fixation type: welding the chassis in the facility cylinder.
Detachment type: The chassis can be departed, which is connected with the cylinder by fast-open flange. The filter chassis adopts multi-layer composite filtering net to ensure filtering effect. In order to comply with the requirements for sterile products, the machine adopts a special fixing method, the surface of the screen without any bolt.

Power system:
Motor reducer drives the axle running by reduced speed. The running speed is adjusted by frequency conversion.
The running speed is controlled by transducer within 6-25 RPM in which can be adjusted freely.

Reducing the cost of investigation and operation. .
Eliminating production loss and consumption
Enhances operation safety
Prevent pollution again, more adapted to the requirement of "GMP"
Reduce the occupied area of the equipment and installation cost.


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