Concentration equipment
Preparation tank, Concentration tank
The configuration tank, concentration tank, and rare-mix tank series produced by our company have the functions of heating and moisturizing, featuring small interlayer space, forced circulation, large heating area, and high efficiency.
Main feature
1. This series of products are equipped with various specifications of 100L-7000L, and can also be designed and processed according to the actual needs of customers.
2. The seal of the stirring shaft adopts imported sanitary mechanical seal, the stirring speed is 36-53 rpm, and it can also be controlled by a frequency converter.
3. The interface adopts the international universal ISO standard quick-release chuck type, and the inner tank is imported 316L or 304.
4. The tank has a level gauge (static pressure transmission type or glass tube type), air respirator, sterilization steam port, thermometer (digital display type or dial type), CIP universal tank washing device, light hole sight glass , Several liquid inlets and outlets and inlet holes, etc.

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