Drying equipment
Ribbon vacuum dryer


Contacting low temperature drying method under vacuum
Mixed/ coating and liquid injection
2.Type: 500L 1000L 1500L 2000L 3000L
3.Multi purpose
Helical ribbon cone type vacuum drier can be used in many fields. It is particularly applicable to sealing and controlled environment treatment, such as pharmaceutical chemicals and additives, in the air or high temperature the extracting crystals and various pharmaceutical biotechnology unstable process. Our product multipurpose Helical ribbon cone type vacuum drier is the ideal choice for your production.
4.High efficiency vacuum dryer
The machine is a set for drying, mixing and distillation in one of the efficient multifunctional closed vertical vacuum drying equipment complied with GMP requirement. Its drying efficiency is as 3-5 times as the same specifications of "double cone rotary vacuum dryer". The loading capacity is double times as the same specifications of "double cone rotary vacuum dryer", and the efficiency can improve by 6~10 times. Helical ribbon mixer can achieve bottom-up cycle mixing effect, and can be efficient forced heat transfer performance. Material loading rate is 30%-100%, and the heating can be 100% in use. It is suitable for mixing, drying of crystals materials. It is energy-saving, efficient, environmentally friendly cleaning drying equipment.
5.High mixing precision
It can reach higher mixing precision. Even mixing of different density and different particle shape material in the same batch of products, can achieve the required mixing precision in our machine. Even adding very little material in a large quantity of material such harsh conditions, our mixing/dryer can achieve the perfect mixing effect.
6.Low shear strength helical ribbon stirring
It adopt Low shear strength helical ribbon stirrer, which can gently mix the materials with low speed rotary and energy consumption. The mixing strength and time are not much.Applicable for 7. Viscous material
Under the friction and pressure between the practice of material, even the viscous material can be separated and mixed.
8. Different Material loading rate
The material loading rate is 30%-100% of the working volume. Within this volume, different loading quantities can reach the same mixing and drying effect.
9.Sealed clean design
The machine is total sealed design with all the connections include loading and discharge nozzle fixed, which can fulfill the requirements of materials and safe environment.
Large caliber ball cross-section discharge valve
10.True ball cross section valve(图1)
Powder, liquid and gas sealing
The structure of an eccentric shaft, sealing surface without friction
Without obstacles, total open in the direction of the diameter
Clean type and GMP standard design, no dead area, no residual material, easy to clean
Structure made of standard materials SUS316, SUS304 stainless steel
Structure without casting parts, there is no porosity and shrinkage defect
Sealed bearing chamber
Standard treatment for surface, internal Ra0.4μ m, Ra0.8μ m for external surface
The design can be used for the vacuum and pressure of 0.25Mpa
Design for nitrogen gas involved, in favor of vacuum drying and elimination of stirring
Design for cleaning liquid inlet, the valve body can be cleaned interior.
Design for filter installed, prevent exhausting dust during discharging.
11.Vacuum sampling valve(图2)
Vacuum sampling valve connecting with helical ribbon cone type vacuum drier directly without any dead angle, which avoids sample pollution. The maximum working pressure is 0.8Mpa of vacuum sampling valve, total vacuum and the working temperature is 150 ℃.
12. Airbag sealing valve (Figure 3)

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