Drying equipment
Single cone (screw) vacuum dryer

Version: Optimized design to adapt to the production of medicines and chemicals.
Design: Designed and manufactured according to the pressure vessel specification GB-150-2011 and HG/T-2011, in line with GMP standards, pharmaceutical hygienic design, and polished internal and external surfaces
Operating data: According to customer requirements and instructions.
Material: All stainless steel and special alloys such as Hastelloy.
Explosion-proof grade: in line with national explosion-proof implementation standards GB3836.1, GB3638.2, GB3836.3 IEC60079.
Heating area: all container parts, optional heating screw shaft.

1. Overview
"Single cone spiral vacuum dryer" is a vacuum drying equipment that has been widely used in pharmaceutical production in Europe and the United States. Manufacturers with many years of experience in the production of raw materials
Know the technical advantages of the "single cone spiral vacuum dryer", such as optimized mixing system, heating efficiency of drying materials, high-quality and accurately manufactured parts, spirals
The accuracy of the minimum distance between the mixer and the barrel wall, reliable and sturdy design, minimize maintenance. This kind of equipment is still blank in China.
Functional development has also greatly improved the level of equipment produced in the domestic medical chemical industry.
2. Vacuum drying and mixing typical process
The working process of the single cone spiral vacuum dryer is batch operation. After the wet material enters the silo, it is dried by jacket, stirring and heating. By choosing the right single cone vacuum
The dryer (working volume) can reach the required processing capacity range. The agitator and the agitator screw with an upper drive structure can be disassembled and assembled in sections. Due to the abundant installation space, it is suitable for use in GMP workshops and maintenance, and single cone spiral The efficient drying and mixing capacity of the vacuum dryer is 3-4 times that of the double cone vacuum dryer. The material filling rate is 10%-100% and can work normally. The cantilever screw agitation can achieve higher mixing accuracy. It can be evenly mixed in the dryer under harsh conditions such as adding a small amount of material. Due to its unique characteristics of gentle agitation, even products that are sensitive to drying will not be damaged, but the required driving power Relatively low. The high-vacuum design of this dryer has obvious advantages for products that are sensitive to drying temperature, and it has good thermal conductivity, fast drying, and at the same time, it has the characteristics of low energy consumption. The filter directly connected to the dryer can keep the dust particles in the processing area. The machine adopts inflatable sealed hemispherical valve, which is complete and convenient for unloading. It has excellent vacuum and pressure sealing performance, no dead corners, easy-to-clean design, and stable performance , Long service life, so as to ensure that you can continue to process products without losing a few days. Such a multi-purpose drying/mixing equipment is the ideal equipment for your production needs.
3. Features:
Full cantilever conical stirring screw shaft Fully enclosed system
Product mixing is gentle and circulation is good. Various materials and technologies are used to achieve safe and reliable sealing.
Low mechanical shear, short drying time and low energy consumption
High precision, good mixing effect, strong reproducibility, no pollution gas leakage
Suitable for the production of various craft products, with a wide range of uses. Adjust the speed according to product characteristics
Flexible load sharing (10-100%), no effect on product quality. Use heating and stirring screw shaft to shorten drying time
Solid discharge and cleaning fluid discharge have no residues to ensure the safety of products, operators and production links
Online cleaning is efficient and simple, and exhaust is thorough. It can be flexibly used in a variety of product processing
4. Scope of application
Products with fluidity: powders, granules, crystals and other dangerous substances
Products sensitive to mechanical processing and high temperature Flammable and explosive powder
Products that are easily decomposed under the action of oxidation Products that are stained with flammable solutions
5. the main structure
1. Stirrer: The cantilever shaft revolution and the stirring shaft rotation are executed by double motors, double reducers, and double shaft transmission. The stirring shaft is equipped with a specially designed sanitary double end face machine seal.
2. Cylinder body: The cylinder body is composed of a head and a conical cylinder. The head and cylinder are jacketed for heating and heat preservation, with necessary manholes, process nozzles, sight glasses, stable pressure and long service life. Stirrer, bottom discharge valve, upper feed valve, dust filter.
3. Dust filter: The dust filter is composed of a heat-preserving and heating outer cylinder, a filter element, a blowback and cleaning device.
4. Mixing screw: The screw itself is conical. The diameter of the screw thread rises from the bottom to the top. The mixing screw is fully cantilevered to avoid the need for a bottom support bearing, a strong central gearbox assembly and a top bearing arrangement. The mixing screw has a The hollow solid central shaft and the spiral scraper continuously welded on the central shaft, the double-sided hollow spiral scraper and the hollow central shaft form a heating circuit.
5. Mechanical seal system: The mechanical seal liquid is used as an external liquid barrier and a safe mechanical seal indicator system. It is designed to have a thermosyphon cycle or pump cycle and an electric control switch. All mechanical seals of the dryer pass a common Circulation, the two internal loop systems between the double end face mechanical seals are connected to an external liquid storage lubricating seal liquid storage tank, so as to obtain safe and preventive control of seal integrity by monitoring the liquid level, mechanical seal products The connecting parts comply with the GMP standard, the tank is filled with sterile water and liquid for operation, and it can be circulated and completely emptied. The liquid system operation mode conforms to the GMP standard.
6. Air-filled sealed hemispherical valve (vacuum dryer feeding and discharging valve): This hemispherical valve is designed to meet the special needs of single cone vacuum dryer feeding and discharging. The valve is manufactured according to precise tolerance standards. Combined with the special structure, a good vacuum and pressure sealing environment is formed. The standard inflatable airtight design, no dead corners, easy to clean, conforms to GM standards, and can be cleaned online.
6.design features
1. Modular drive system, interchangeable with multiple specifications, standardized and systematic design.
2. Modular dust filter system, interchangeable multiple filter element specifications, standardized and systematic design.
3. Hemispherical valve, universal in all specifications, standardized design.
4. Modular rotary joint, interchangeable with multiple specifications, standardized and systematic design.
5. Vacuum sampling valve, universal in all specifications, standardized design. 

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