Drying equipment
Rake vacuum dryer

1. Equipment advantages
1. CGMP and FDA design
2. Various, universal drying horizontal
3. Simplified finishing to ensure the least sticky wall residue
4. The front door can be fully opened
5. The agitator with variable frequency speed control can effectively prevent material from agglomerating
6. Heatable cantilever mixing system
7. No dead ends inside
8. Can CIP online pan wash
9. All parts in contact with materials can be heated

2. Product introduction
1. Follow cGMP or FDA guidelines
2. Integral welded stirring design, no bolts, no dead ends, smooth transition everywhere, easy to clean.
3. The transmission part is at the back of the equipment, it is an integral structure, and there is no coupling or other structure inside the equipment.
4. The smallest cylinder depth makes it easy to observe and clean the inside.
5. Excellent CIP cleaning ability in place.
6. The design form of the isolated fine drying package part and power part.
7. Liquid lubricated double end face mechanical seal, dry gas seal mechanical seal is also optional.
8. It can be designed according to GB pressure vessel.
9. The extremely close mixing distance from the wall, the short depth of the simplification, and the special agitator design ensure a good emptying capacity of the material.
10. All-round, full contact. Agitated heat transfer greatly improves the heat transfer efficiency. The heat transfer area includes front and rear doors, jacket simplified, agitator, dust filter, etc.
11. The variable frequency stirring speed is adapted to the nature of material shaking and prevents balling and agglomeration.
12. The hinged large-open door structure is convenient for thorough cleaning and internal inspection.
3.Product configuration
The standard configuration:
1. Strength calculation is carried out in accordance with national standards and conforms to cGMP guidelines.
2. Meet the explosion-proof requirements of the pharmaceutical and chemical industry: dllBt4.
3. Double end face mechanical seal, liquid lubrication type and dry gas seal type can be selected.
4. Equipped with sampling valve.
5. Stainless steel carrying case.
6.CIP online disinfection.
1. Design and manufacture according to pressure vessels.
2. Aseptic grade, provide DQ confirmation.
3. Automatic PLC control system.


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